Success Stories:


Beautiful Peace, Serenity and love:

I couldn’t have chosen a better person to assist me in my healing journey. The road is long, dark and lonely but when you have the right support, love and acceptance, the path opens up. It helped me transform from the state of "why do these things always happen to me", to the state of beautiful peace, serenity and a boost of love and light! I now know, I’m on the right path, and I couldn’t have done it without Sarah’s guidance and the wonderful Theta Healing sessions we’ve had together.
Alina Matei
Milton Keynes

Turning Impossible to Possible:

When I came to Sarah I felt stuck, lacking in directions not sure if I can solve problems in my life. I am starting a new business and I find it very difficult to harmonize my professional and personal life. Sarah was able to identify what was blocking me and helped me to release it just in one hour. It was so powerful! I left the session feeling very relaxed. Sarah is a wonderful healer and will hold the space for you in a beautiful way. I can highly recommend working with her.
Livia Banin

Turning Impossible to Possible:

Sarah, I don’t think you know how brilliant you are! I feel invincible and have a lovely bounce in my step following our sessions together! I have learnt to prioritize my emotional well being and I have the tools to overcome my low mood! I have learnt to enjoy my life despite my symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am still feeling awesome despite symptoms: Empowered actually! I seem to be able to cope better when things get complicated, I really appreciate your talent, consideration and time, Thank you! .
Ros Thornhill
Milton Keynes

It's so powerful! So many Good things!

I had such an amazing day after our session and so many good things came to me! I got an invite to a meditation session that I wanted to do and got a great opportunity to attend a yoga sessions, which gives me the me time that I was looking for! I can't believe how quick things happen! It's so powerful! I feel like things have really shifted for my and I have found tranquility in my busy life! I feel empowered to make changed in my life! Thank you! Your an ANGEL!
Florencia Prado

Making Miracles in my life!

Thank you so much for the wonderful ThetaHealing sessions. I feel so much light and enthusiasm for the days to come! The messages and images that you shared deeply moved my soul and heart! I already feel a profound transformation within me. You are an amazing Theta Healer who is making such miracles in my life! I look forward to more miracles in my life!
Thank you Thank you Thank You!
Ania Metcalfe

Tranquil and optimistic!

I feel very tranquil inside, looking forward and optimistic about my life and future success, to be honest I have never felt this way before! Your healing is definitely working for me! I feel calmer and content that finally things will work-out for me. I don’t feel angry and I found that I don’t have as much resentment that I used to. Overall feeling of well-being and a positive mind set which I certainly did not have before. Thank you Sarah! xxx
Maddalena Sparapano

Powerful and instantly at ease!

My session with Sarah was beyond what words can explain. I'll admit that I was skeptical of how ThetaHealing would work through a phone screen (or if it would work at all!). However the first moment Sarah tuned into my energy, she was able to point out a block in my throat. I'd been feeling this for weeks but hadn't told a soul! I felt nauseous constantly , as if something was stuck and now that feeling is completely gone. Instantly at ease in the session, I was able to open up and memories from the past flooded back to me. Memories from 22 years ago! How it happened I can't explain. What I do know is that Sarah is a powerful ThetaHealer with an amazing gift for helping others. I am forever grateful for this session. Thank you Sarah
Rebecca Laidlaw

My Miracle: I found my Soul Mate

I am so glad that I found Sarah and was able to transform my life with ThetaHealing. I struggled for 15 years trying to find my soul mate, or even a loving relationship, but I always seemed to attract the wrong guys. But once I learnt to love myself first and decide exactly what I wanted in a partner, I was able to transform my relationships. I am so over the moon to say that I have manifested my perfect soul mate! He is everything I could have wanted in a man, and more! He makes me so happy and I am able to receive love which I always struggled with. After 15 years of searching, I can celebrate my very own miracle: We are getting married next year! I think the most important thing that I have lreant is that life can be as amazing as you want it to be! Thank you!
Ariendra Matteas